Kinky Swinging Pensioner

4 January 2016 05:45 AM

A naughty pensioner from Surrey has opened up about her swinging lifestyle! She may look like your granny, but Siobhan Burt doesn’t spend all her leisure time baking cakes or doing the garden. Siobhan spends her spare time, well, swinging!

Sixty-two year old Siobhan works as a florist by day but at night she can be found romping away at Kestrel Hydro Club, a naturist spa in Surrey. Said Siobhan “Since I started swinging, I’ve been having the best sex of my life, and have met so many new people.”

The feisty pensioner was encouraged to sign up to the Fab Swingers website by a friend back in 2010. At first she said she felt self-conscious about her age and fuller figure, but when messages from lusty male admirers come flooding in, she soon changed her mind! Our Newcastle Escorts loved this story of a confident, older lady having sexy fun!

Like many ladies who gain body confidence, Siobhan’s swinging lifestyle has led to other things. These days she can also be found posing for raunchy nude and glamour shoots. She’s now stripped off for more than 10 shoots and raked in about £200 a time!

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