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7 March 2016 06:24 AM

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the real deal. A video from The School Of Life has set out to give us the opportunity to be honest about our real life sexual fantasies. And some people have been shocked at just what we fantasise about.

We all have sexual fantasies and they cover a broad range. But some of us are probably too shy or embarrassed to admit to what our real fantasies are all about. You might dream of being spanked or maybe of being doted on. For some people though it a whole lot more. Our Newcastle Escorts weren’t willing to share their fantasies on our blog, but they might in person!

Some men were shocked at the idea that a number of women fantasise about being dominated by a man. But as the video is keen to point out, the point is that fantasies are all about consent and control. If we have a fantasy, we want to be able to control it. Just because a woman may fantasise about being dominated doesn’t mean she really wants to be – so guys don’t confuse the two or you could find yourself in trouble. As School of life commented ‘Consent is key here; and do keep in mind an enormous difference between reality and (a word we use in our title) Fantasy.’

For most people the whole point of a fantasy is that you never actually fulfil it. At least, not the more risqué ones.

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