Saggy Balls!

7 June 2016 10:53 AM

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, we bet most men wouldn’t find anything unusual about a woman who had had a few nips and tucks. In fact, one or two of our Newcastle Escorts have had the odd bit of cosmetic surgery. But what about men? Sure, we’ve probably all seen the odd male actor who has clearly had a bit of a face lift, but it turns out that the latest big cosmetic surgery trend is, wait for it, the ‘scrotal lift’! or to you and I> fixing your saggy balls!

If the thought of someone slicing through your sensitive skin makes you wince, maybe you’d better stop reading now! Also known as a scrotoplasty the surgical procedure will remove any saggy or excess skin around your testicles. Scarring is minimal as the surgery uses the natural ‘seam’ of your scrotum. The op can be performed under a local anaesthetic and being a quick and simple procedure, patients enter and leave the clinic the same day.

The results will leave you looking like a 20 year old again! Now men are starting to feel the pressure to stay looking good into old age, scrotal lifts are becoming more and more popular. Although part of the recovery process is no sex for sex weeks, men seem happy to pay the price for a more youthful appearance.

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