Colour My Penis!

8 May 2016 10:48 AM

Perhaps one for the ladies, but maybe a great gift idea, this new colouring book is dedicated to the penis! There are penises of every shape and size and you can colour them in any way you want. Our Newcastle Escorts definitely liked the idea and said they’d enjoy getting one as a gift – a colour book that is!

So called ‘adult colouring books’ have been around for a while, but usually they contained outlines of animals or flowers or perhaps just abstract designs. There have been a couple of adult-themed books, but this latest offering is all about penises.

The new book was thought up by two women whilst they were studying architecture in New Orleans. ‘A lot of everyday objects look like dicks, and that this is hilarious.’ Said one of the inventors. Describing the book as a big book of dicks in all shapes and sizes, the creators are trying to raise around £5300 through crowdfunding. They reckon the first edition will soon become a collector’s item and have already managed to raise around £1150.

Called Pen15 Club: Members Only Coloring you can donate to the book at and be a part of history. The women have already completed the drawings for half of the 30 pages and if our ladies in Newcastle are right, the book is set to be hugely popular. The creators have also said that they will donate a portion of sales from the first edition to providing sex education in schools.

(Picture: Youtube/Pen15 Club)

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