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25 January 2016 05:53 AM

The female orgasm has long been shrouded in mystery, not just for men but for some women too! Female orgasms are just not something we talk about much, and so it’s no wonder that a lot of men just don’t know how to give a woman the best orgasm. That’s all about to change though.

There’s a new website that shows you in explicit detail exactly what works for women. Our Newcastle Escorts were completely hooked! What makes this website different to any other or indeed any other advice, is that it contains explicit videos showing real women.

You can see a sample here but be warned, although this is educational, and not porn, this is definitely NSFW – or any public place. OMGyes got together with the renowned Kinsey Institute to do some proper research. They talked to over 2000 women about the techniques they use to achieve orgasm. What they found was that many techniques were similar. So, as a first step, they named them.

They then went on to create videos of real women demonstrating the various techniques. These are real women, not actresses or porn stars. The aim of the website is to educate not titillate! Each ‘lesson’ comes with a video, a graphic guide of how to do it and the opportunity to try it out on the screen and even get feedback on how well you’re doing it! Which is great for guys! At last, something that really works and helps you become a better lover!

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