Naked Teachers

22 February 2016 06:22 AM

In an attempt to boost learning, or maybe just for ratings, a new television show is about to launch, using NAKED teachers to encourage success. Yep, that’s right. Naked teachers. Apart from getting an eyeful of some sexy and totally naked women, the programme is meant to be teaching English.

Called Naked Language, the show features women getting completely naked as they run the English classes. A few of our Newcastle Escorts quite fancy having a go! At the naked teaching that is, not the learning.

The show promises learners a good grounding (no pun intended) in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary and even offers internationally recognised certificates for students who see the course through to the end. Well, they are certainly offering an incentive!

The idea was developed by a Spanish-speaking channel, Desnudando la Noticia, which is already well-known for its stripping newsreaders. It also runs an erotic cooking show called, Gladly Pleasures.

Unfortunately you can’t see the programme here in Britain as it’s a Venezuelan channel. The channel’s website states: “Part of the goal we want to achieve is to struggle for women’s liberation, breaking the taboo that surrounds nudity.”

Good luck with that. We rather think people might just tune in to see the naked babes!

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