Flasher Banned From Matalan

18 May 2016 10:50 AM

A man from Wales has been found guilty of indecent exposure after he ‘flashed’ at shoppers in Matalan in Aberystwyth.

Now our Newcastle Escorts have heard some stories about flashers and their many excuses when they get caught, but this one really made them laugh. When Maximilien Kelly, 25, appeared in Court in Swansea he told the jury that he was simply ‘adjusting’ himself as he has testicles the size of avocados! Maximilien claimed the ‘exposure’ was accidental.

His claim that he has a medical condition, known as Hydrocele, that means his testicles can become swollen and painful, was not believed by the jury, who found him guilty of exposing himself to shoppers in the store.

After they had found him guilty the jury found out that Kelly had previously been charged with exposure after flashing women from his window at his home. He used a laser pen to get the attention of women before exposing himself. In fact, he hadn’t just done it once, but 6 times! Kelly was still subject to a suspended sentence for the previous indecent exposure at the time of the incident in Matalan. The judge sent him to prison for 36 weeks. Let’s hope he’s learned his lesson!

Kelly has also been banned from Matalan.

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