Foreplay Gadget

11 January 2016 05:50 AM

If you are the sort of person who thinks foreplay is a waste of time, but your partner disagrees, you’ll probably love this new foreplay gadget. Just be aware though that even if it does put your partner in the mood without you having to contribute much, she might not like it at much as you’d hope!

Our Newcastle Escorts at first thought this little bit of kit sounded like a great idea, but on closer thought, they felt that it would actually take away from the fun! The new sex toy, called Fiera, is designed to get women in the mood without you guys having to lift a finger (excuse the pun!).

Basically, the Fiera is a high-tech suction cup that fits over the clitoris. Turn it on and it uses custom vibration and suction to get the wearer aroused. Sounds like a great idea! It isn’t designed to be used solo, as it just a means to give sex a ‘jump start’ and not to replace the actual act. The makers reckon that it’ll get your partner in the mood within 10 minutes. But that’s where our escorts had a problem with it.

Our ladies reckoned they’d rather have 15 minutes of real foreplay rather than go with a gadget. After all, foreplay is meant to be part of the fun, and for some women it’s the best bit. Take that away, and maybe the rest won’t seem quite so much fun either. Perhaps the foreplay gadget will most appeal to lazy men!

We can see a legitimate use for it though if the lady in your life finds it hard to get aroused or just need a bit more help. But in the end, nothing can really replace the personal touch!

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