Doggers Go Paintballing!

29 March 2016 10:44 AM

Our Newcastle Escorts were fascinated by this story about a paintballing venue being used for rather more naughty purposes! An enterprising company in Knowsley, Cheshire, have opened up their private woodland, normally used for paintballing, as a sexy, swinging venue at night!

If you think about it, a paintballing site has a lot to offer doggers. There are plenty of shelters and hides and plenty of undergrowth to hide in. Perfect for families, hen parties, groups of friends or stag parties during the day to run around and get some exercise taking pot-shots at each other, the site would normally be silent at night. But Cheshire Adult Parties are opening their site at night for swingers. Once the sun goes down the site is filled with women in stocking and suspenders looking for sex with strangers! Their website states: “Event always on no matter the weather. Lighting and burners on site to help keep you warm and in the light”.

Cheshire Adult Parties charge single men £20 to enter, but women and couples are free. Users have been posting on adult websites about their experiences. One man wrote: “The sex was amazing. I serviced two different women. It was well worth the money.”

Drinks and condoms are supplied. The parties are open to everyone, couples, males, singles females, bi or straight. There are different parts to the site, for example a secluded part where couples that are only interested in couples can play with each other and not be worried about interference from single males.

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